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Who Needs A Designer

Interior design is to space what architecture is to a building. A good Interior Designer creates efficient yet stimulating surroundings that physically promote business goals and objectives. (More)

Every Journey Begins Somewhere

Getting Started

New space can be both thrilling and daunting. How you start makes all the difference. Bias notwithstanding, the best approach is to start with an interior designer. The reasons are simple. (More)

Square Pegs & Round Holes

Things You Should Know

Not all square footage is usable square footage and not all Interior Design firms are the same. The goal is to find the best consultant for you and establish a process that achieves results. (More)

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your time, your efforts and your unfailing commitment to get us where we are

ISADORE SHARP, Founder Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

When we officially opened... the staff reaction was unexpected, they were inspired

DAVID LEONARD, President Arnold Worldwide

They understood and respected our financial requirements

CHARLIE FLUTT, CFO World Vision Canada

we can always count on their drawings and specifications to be complete

BERTO RAMOS, President Gillanders

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January 2016


It is startling that social media is barely more that ten years old. First the domain of personal expression, it has expanded to include topical information of all sorts. MDA is currently working on the launch of our social media presence. From a business perspective, useful 'networking' is about connecting people with people, people with ideas and people with opportunities. That is our goal. Thank you for your interest.